“We’re not blocking the traffic. We are the traffic.” Critical Mass unites cyclists the world over, at the end of every month. The concept is simple; bring your bike and ride through the city streets, reclaiming the space, getting to know the city, meeting other cyclists and generally having fun. There are over 300 critical mass rides over the world each month so join in and get your wheels in motion. As they say, we have nothing to lose but our chains! There are thousands of cyclists in Edinburgh and many more who would like to cycle more, if only they felt a little safer, so let’s cycle together and send a message to other road users that we have a right to be there too.

Meeting at 2pm, on the last Saturday of every month, on Middle-Meadow Walk

Follow the movement on the usual channels, or reach out to get involved!

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How did Critical Mass start?
Critical Mass as a phenomenon originated in San Francisco in the early Nineties. Cyclists found the experience of riding around the city in numbers so empowering that they made it a regular event. As word of their rides spread, hundreds started taking part. Then thousands. A movement was born, Critical Mass — except it was one where there were no leaders and no political goals, other than to get people out of their cars and on to their bikes, legs, or public transport.

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