Critical Mass in a Capital City

Author: Harry Walton

Sincerest apologies to my fellow Edinburgh Massers, for I have been absent from the last two rides due to commitments in London.

While down south, however, I made it an absolute priority to attend London’s Masses – almost certainly the biggest in the UK, they are always an impressive and admirable representation of the capital’s bike riding community.


Although the mass may appear chaotic to spectators, it is actually a calm and congenial place if viewed from the inside

London’s Critical Masses work because they have built up an effective base of committed regulars – friendly people who turn up in all weathers and temperatures because they appreciate the benefits and rewards of a Mass that works consistently well. And when Masses work well they are worth attending. And this is why people attend them. And so on, and so on…

critical-mass london 2

Strength in numbers

Over the last few months, Edinburgh’s Critical Mass has suffered from smallish numbers, and Masses without enough riders can hardly be considered ‘critical’. If this worthy celebration of cycling is to survive in our wonderful city then we need to start promoting the rides and getting the message out there, to friends as well as strangers, through flyers and by word of mouth.

More people means more fun, and when more people have more fun they will be more likely to come back again and again (maybe even bringing a few more friends with them each time). This is the snowball effect that we need to set in motion.

Inspired by the rides in London, I am committed to redoubling my efforts in 2014. I want to see Edinburgh’s Mass take off so that it will be something that we can all enjoy and be proud of.


As ‘Pedal on Parliament’ demonstrates, there are clearly a lot of people in Scotland’s capital that care about cycling.

P.S. yours truly can be seen in the video at 4:58 (grey hoodie, black shorts).


About Cycle Chic

A student in Edinburgh with a passion for Dutch bikes and Dutch cycling culture.
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