Pedaling off for 2014…

Last Friday saw Critical Mass Edinburgh pedal off for what is set to be an exciting-biking 2014 and what a beautiful first ride of the year we had.

I managed to arrive just after 5.30pm at the Mound outside the Scottish National Gallery and it was great to see people already there including several new faces – we were going to be in for a nice ride. Just after 6pm there were nearly 20 cyclists and this even included a family with a young lad out on his new bike.

After a few words about the ride and to ensure everyone would feel safe and comfortable throughout we cranked up our sound-system and headed for the streets. And wow, for me, this was easily the best atmosphere since I started riding with Critical Mass Edinburgh last year – we were having a party.

We pedaled all over the city [route we took] and below are just a few pictures from the ride. It’s dark but hopefully you can get an idea of what the ride was like. For those who have not come before – we do this on the last Friday of each month (next one will be on the 28th February) – and we really are working hard at making Critical Mass bigger and more friendly in Edinburgh. Come and see for yourself.


Passing by the Meadows feeling safe and visible…

 Passing by the meadows

Our sound-system bike…

Our soundsystem man

Resting at the lights…

Stopping at the lights

Critical Mass is a safe and fun ride for everyone

welcome everyone

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