A Mega May Critical Mass

Last month’s Pedal on Parliament was a great day out for Critical Mass, and one in which our sound-system + flags attracted a lot of positive attention. We certainly did the Mass proud, and really advertised the sort of fun we have all year round (here is our blog post about the day, and take a look at the photo below – check out the pied piper at the front!).


But what next? Critical Mass is what’s next! Every month we get together to ride as one, creating awareness and riding in solidarity. We have bags of fun and we welcome everyone on a human-powered vehicle to join us.

The date of this month’s ride is MAY 30TH – as always, the last Friday of the month – put it in your diary and come along as it would be great to see you there! If you’re not sure what we’re all about then check out our FAQs.


We will meet as usual from 5.30pm outside the Scottish National Gallery on The Mound. There we can have a good chat, share stories, smile, and then we ride at 6pm, probably finishing somewhere we can sit, relax, and maybe grab a bite to eat (if the weather is nice enough, even a picnic on the Meadows might be a possibility).


Perhaps the 6pm meet time is too early for some of you? So what we are going to do is have a 2ND MEET POINT AT MEADOWS PARK AT 7PM (bottom of the Quartermile, in the middle of Middle Meadow Walk). The mass that starts at 6pm will aim to arrive at just before 7pm for a wee rest, a chit-chat, and maybe even a dance…

Also, given that it’s springtime and that Edinburgh is exceptionally beautiful at the moment, some of us were thinking that it might be a nice opportunity to beautify our bikes. Not everyone will be interested in doing this, of course, but looking at some examples it really does make a difference…

Anja flower bike


An impressive commitment to DIY decorating


A very nicely adorned bike from the Netherlands

plants on bikes

More modest decoration, but these plants are actually alive!

We love our bikes, so why not show them that we care? Mine certainly deserves a long-overdue spring clean at the very least!

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