Critical Mass ride is on the rise in Edinburgh!!!

There was a tremendous amount of energy in the air in the run up to this month’s Critical Mass in Edinburgh – a strong Critical Mass presence at Pedal on Parliament, some expertly crafted sound-systems, the use of some newly designed handlebar flyers and other promotional flyers, chalked up pathways in the Meadows, and some rampant social media activity – this, on top of the amazing weather, all pointed to a Critical Mass ride that Edinburgh has not seen in some years.


And indeed at 5.30pm outside the Scottish National Gallery, where we meet on the last Friday of every month, already the mass was developing. Cyclists just kept on arriving until there were some 50 or so cyclists ready to go – and these were mostly new cyclists who had found out about us some way or another. We had the energy, and…we had the mass…Critical Mass!!!


After a few short words to promote ride safety and cohesion within the mass (+ a few short words about Cyclehack [20-22 June] and World Naked Bike Ride [Edinburgh – 15th June -14.00 Meadows]) we set off for our ride around Edinburgh (see some short videos here and here).


This month we also tried out something a bit different. Our usual ride time of 6pm is too early for some and we decided to have a second meet point at 7pm in Meadows Park. After snaking our way through Edinburgh, making a lot of noise and being very visible, we managed to arrive at the Meadows with amazing precision where we met more cyclists and our mass, from also picking up stray cyclists who wanted to join the fun, had grown to about 70 cyclists –

It looks fun because it was fun!!!


After a short pause to rest and have a chat we then set off again for the streets of Edinburgh heading towards the busy Lothian Road and along the pedestrian heavy Princes Street where we turned many heads of people only wishing they had bikes to join us with. We gave out many flyers and promoted our cause. We then headed up to Edinburgh’s famous Calton Hill where after some great photos we realized it was so beautiful that we thought may as well finish the ride, and take in the views and watch the beautiful sunset…


A superb ride – very smooth, lots of smiling faces, great fun…when’s the next ride – 27th June 2014…we hope that you can join us then!!!


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