All massed up and going everywhere…

Critical Mass were on the streets last Friday for another bicycle celebration. Familiar faces, and fresh eyes gathered in blazing sunshine at our usual meeting place outside the Scottish National Gallery. Then appeared one sound-system, and before long the second sound-system – with the energy building this was sure to be a great ride!

more of the start

After a quick pre-mass talk to promote a fun and safe ride, the music was turned up and the mass began – we could go anywhere and with our typical mass confidence. Our bike party meandered through Edinburgh’s beautiful streets getting a lot of support from passersby and in particular along George Street from those sitting outside in the glorious sunshine.

up princess street

This month we stayed fairly central and although we did try to avoid the commonwealth pool owing to probable police presence in the end it somehow seemed inevitable…and indeed one of our sound-systems managed to get the timing just right in playing this little classic. Nice work – police glared but we are a safe and peaceful ride and so no trouble there.

Holyrood park

After a ride up through Holyrood park we eventually made our way to the Meadows where we met a few more riders…and turned many heads of those BBQing and enjoying the sun. We cycled some more taking in Princess Street and George Street for the 2nd time (because it was so good the first time) and then heading back to the Meadows where we had a post-mass picnic and found out much more about each other – our hopes, our dreams, and what inspires us to want to be part of Critical Mass…

Meadows finale

We were about 40-50 riders this month and these numbers have been pleasingly consistent for the last few months – a massive improvement to the same period last year when we might have been lucky to get 10.

And the energy is there to keep growing – it just take us, any, and all of us – we have a friendly core that is open to anyone – we even had a few very young children in child seats along this month – so come and join us next month on 29TH AUGUST – you just have to show up.

Next month we may even have a themed ride – any ideas? Watch this space…

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