August was a soggy one, but far from dull…

The rain was falling but the smiles and enthusiasm were still brimming. The last few rides have seen gorgeous weather and in the run up to August’s ride the forecast had not looked too good. But nevertheless we were undoubtedly still Critical…here are a few photos…


Our ride began with the unveiling of a new sound-system. Much to everyone’s surprise this beast on a trailer turned up just at the last minute.

new soundsystem    quick chat

We then set off on what some of us had thought would be quite a short one because of the rain.

 ride beginnings  on the streets

But spirits were good and so we just kept riding – first a little bit around new town, and then over and down toward Grassmarket.

ligr massing  here comes the mass

We then headed over towards what has become a usual summer stopping off point at the Meadows for a quick breather, and to pick up a few strays.


princess street  george street

We then set out again and rode for about another hour before settling down for tea at the Forest – feeling a big soggy but very satisfied…we will do it again on the 26th September 2014. We hope it is sunny but if it is not then it really doesn’t matter…still we ride…see you then!

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