Get on your SPO(O)KES for a Critical Mass Halloween special…

Are you ready for another mass? This month the ride is on the 31st October and therefore a Halloween special. So get on your best spo(o)kes on and join the global movement on the last Friday of this month…

halloween pic
Creepy costumes, pumpkin laden bikes, painted faces…whatever works for you!!! This will not only be a lot of fun it will draw attention to Critical Mass. Afterwards we’ll probably stop off somewhere for a few drinks and then head over to Samhuinn Fire Festival later which starts at 9pm.

Anyone with CRITICAL MASS flags feel free to bring these!

When? 31st October 2014 5.30pm onward

Who? All types of cyclists. Everyone to feel included.

Where? 5.30pm outside the Scottish National Gallery on The Mound to leave just after 6pm (for those that miss us at 6pm there will be a 2ND MEET POINT AT MEADOWS PARK AT 7PM – bottom of the Quartermile, in the middle of Middle Meadow Walk).

What? Cyclists taking to the streets en masse.

Why? Because we want to be visible on the roads and feel safe. Plus when else to we get to have a party on our bikes. Check out our FAQs ( for more about what Critical Mass means and how we ride…

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One Response to Get on your SPO(O)KES for a Critical Mass Halloween special…

  1. Elena says:

    Hey guys, here is a video of the special Halloween ride, hope you like it!! Enjoy 😀

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