Spooking with the Mass

When Critical Mass coincides with Halloween there is only one thing for it – out with the face paints, glowing teeth, scary masks, two sound-systems equipped with all the classic spooky music, and of course the ever faithful two wheeler.

hideous bunch face painting

Having a theme for a ride is always fun and the video this month captures it all (notice us even picking up some skaters too at about 2:15 – skaters/any human propelled contraptions always welcome).


We had toxic nuclear waste, skeletons, pumpkins, and various ghouls, on the ride…

hideous bunch skeletons and laughing

It may have even been one of our longest rides and it took in much of our cities rich variety. Not only did we find ourselves heading down to Stockbridge around the botanical gardens, but we also took in Dean bridge (twice – across and back), the Royal Mile, and the Meadows too (for what has now become a usual mid-way stopping point at 7pm and there were more ghouls there and so we added them to the mass).

nuclear waste and top to toe lycra joker boy

We could have kept riding – spirits were high and the weather was unseasonably warm (perhaps it was because there are still too many people in cars and not part of the growing mass of cyclists…) but we wanted to catch Samhuinn – in which many of our usual massers were involved in this year.  So this made a perfect end to a great ride…

some of us at the start

Next month the critical mass ride is on the 28th November…we hope to see you there, and bring your friends too and help us grow the mass. Next month we are thinking of watching a bike related film together after the ride – any ideas?! Suggest them – everyone is welcome in Critical Mass…so long as you have a human propelled vehicle…

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