High hopes for Critical Mass Edinburgh in 2015 – next up January 30th

The first Critical Mass in Edinburgh takes place January 30th. It will no doubt be cold but there is much to be excited about with 2014 being a truly inspiring year for cyclists getting together and making themselves seen and heard in Edinburgh. Much of the energy for Edinburgh’s World Naked Bike Ride (first one in 3 years and definitely to be repeated) arose out of the Critical Mass and the Critical Mass sound-system presence was certainly felt during Scotland’s legendary Pedal on Parliament ride.

hell yes

Critical Mass brought plenty of sound-system fun to Pedal on Parliament and at its core Critical Mass is about bike celebration…


But in 2015 we can surely push things even further and create many more masses to be proud of and genuinely build and create mutually supportive cycle rides. Critical Mass will certainly be making its presence felt on the streets of Edinburgh on its own ride as well as that of others and we welcome reciprocal support. We probably all agree that we need better infrastructure for cyclists and there are many ways to go about being seen and heard. We need to work together whether it is at the monthly Critical Mass ride or one of the many other inspiring rides that take place around Scotland.


Edinburgh’s first World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) in 3 years was a great success and sure to be repeated…

Critical Mass represents many things to many different people – a monthly celebration of cycling, a party on a bike, a bold statement of cycling solidarity, an open and friendly community, a demonstration of bike power (also see our Frequently Asked Questions) – but whatever it means to the each of the people that join us each month it has an important role in making cycling safer and more visible in our city.

This is how we kick things off - meeting and greeting outside the Scottish National Gallery on the last Friday of any month...

This is how we kick things off – meeting and greeting outside the Scottish National Gallery on the last Friday of any month…

On Friday 30th January we will embark on our first ride for 2015 and we welcome anyone and everyone. As is typical we meet from  5.30pm outside the Scottish National Gallery on The Mound to leave just after 6pm. For those that can’t make the 6pm start we will have 2ND MEET POINT AT MEADOWS PARK AT 7PM – bottom of the Quartermile, in the middle of Middle Meadow Walk.

Afterwards we’ll probably get something organised such that we can have a chance to connect with each other and share why we love cycling so much. We hope to see you there!!!

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