Fracking Fun Sunday Biketour: Cycle to the Kelpies + March against Fracking

The fracking fever is spreading. Today, nearly two thirds of the UK are already covered by fracking rigs. As a consequence, there’s an increase in carbon emissions, destructive weather patterns and release of toxins into our soil and water. The extent of social costs, health deterioration and housing prices in rural areas are becoming more pronounced.
Reclaim the Power and Critical Mass have come together to counteract this injustice, with the most energy saving, pollution reducing, and health boosting mode of transport. Come join us this Sunday for our Fracking Fun Sunday Bike Tour. Our journey will begin in the Edinburgh city center and cycle towards The Kelpies (100 feet tall equine sculptures). Once in Falkirk, anti-fracking group, Reclaim the Power Scotland, will take you round the monuments of dirty energy in the area. This will hopefully elucidate how close all this industry is too us, and how many communities are fighting hard against it! There’s also going to be a peaceful rally against fracking in Grangemouth which we will be joining afterwards if energy is left!

Hope to see you environment loving cycling enthusiasts this Sunday! x

Information details:
– Leaving from edinburgh by bike: meet at 9am on Leamington Bridge (over Union Canal), we will then cycle through Queensferry (you can meet us on the way if you know the route).
– if you want to take the train: meet at 12h30 at Falkirk Grahamston Station (train leaves from waverley station just after 12), and join for the dirty energy tour and the march!
bring warm clothes, yumy food and water, we won’t be cylcing like mad rabbits (but if you want to you can!), so a speed of 10miles/hour is to be expected, with mainly simply roads!

Pdf of the route soon to be shared, and contact for any questions!
and phone contact 07 75 42 84 300Frack Off Cycling Route

For more details go to:

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