February Critical Mass

February Critical Mass Edinburgh was blessed with good if cold weather. About thirty people attended which is major advance on our numbers at this time last year. We did some face painting prior to the set-off, and dressed so as to make it really obvious to the people we pass how much we fun we have during the rides once we have created some breathing space for ourselves.

We cycled up the Royal Mile to the castle which made a good chance to stop for photos, after which we descended and sped around to the Meadows for our now routine second meeting point at 7pm, where we picked up a few souls awaiting.

Storming the castle

Storming the castle

After the Mass we pedalled down to ACE in Leith http://autonomous.org.uk/ where we watched the movie The Flying Scotsman, about the controversial Scottish cyclist Graeme Obree http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graeme_Obree The movie was enjoyed by all and contained the message that to promote change for the good, one may well have to do things that  society or the establishment (cycling or otherwise) would rather prefer you didn’t and kept quiet!

Happy and visible

Happy and visible

This month quite a few new faces were present, and the Facebook group is about to reach 500 members. Join up at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/173122149399382/ This bodes really well for the Spring and Summer coming month’s rides.

Until the 27th March …

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