Critical Week Ahead

Hi Critical Massers


This is a BIG week for Edinburgh Critical Mass. We are meeting on Wednesday at 7pm to make flags for the weekend’s two big Edinburgh City cycling events. On Friday it is the Critical Mass Edinburgh ride April edition which will be the first ride of the year fully in daylight, so we are hoping for a good turnout and a super-fun ride. We will be face-painting as usual before the ride so come early if you want to be decorated! We will be meeting from 5.30pm at the Scottish National Gallery, The Mound, Edinburgh. Event details at: Then we will stop at 7pm at Middle Mile Walk on The Meadows to pick-up the later arrivals.


After the ride we will do something social as yet to be decided, possibly watch a movie at ACE ride to one of Edinburgh’s fine pubs.

f and ssOn Saturday it is Pedal on Parliament – the fourth massive bike ride to Holyrood. The point is to make cycling safer and easier, much as does the Critical Mass Movement itself. Edinburgh Critical Massers we will meet at 10:45 (to leave at about 11:00) at the usual ride start location at The Mound, go for a short ride then arrive at the Meadows to join the Pedal on Parliament set-off together. Further details can be found at:

For more information on the Critical Mass Movement see:

Please come and join us on Friday and Saturday and help us fly the new flags for Critical Mass Edinburgh.

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