Calling ALL cyclists – this Friday you’ve got to be Critical

11178328_10153247185114269_7057436405244833238_nOur monthly celebration of cycling is almost upon us again. Critical Mass is about getting together as cyclists and making cycling both visible, safe and fun. So let’s join together this Friday and assert ourselves on the streets to highlight that cycling is a necessary part of any modern city.

Round and round the naked cyclists go

Round and round the naked cyclists go

It was only two weeks ago that many of us who cycle with Critical Mass got out on our bikes for Edinburgh’s World Naked Bike Ride to protest against the dominance of car culture on our roads and highlight the vulnerability of cyclists on the road (whether they are wearing clothes or not). Not only did the naked cyclists have a great time but by demonstrating our cause in this way we brought attention to the issues.

And this is why Critical Mass gets out on the streets the way it does.

At Pedal on Parlaiment - We need to get 100s if not 1000s on the streets regularly if we want to be visible

We love Pedal on Parliament  but surely we need to get 100s if not 1000s on the streets together regularly if we want to be truly visible

Group cycling is a beautiful thing and it shows people that there is a solid biking community that wants better facilities for cycling. Whilst the annual Pedal on Parliament is integral to raising awareness to issues around poor cycling infrastructure and lack of awareness of the needs of cyclists around Scotland we also have to couple this with regular demonstrations of bicycle power. And sometimes it is important to do that in a bold way and in line with the international movement that is Critical Mass.

Cyclists in cities throughout the world will be out, as usual, on the streets this Friday. Critical Mass can differs hugely by city and often depends on the history of Critical Mass in that city or the people that are involved in it at the time. However, there are key uniting themes – the non-hierarchically orgainsed structure of the ride, the ride is free and open to everyone on a human powered vehicle, it is not a race, and we do our best to enjoy ourselves (some FAQs here).

Flags and sound-systems were outAnd so we welcome you to come and join us this Friday. As usual we will meet at 5.30pm on the Mound outside the Scottish National Gallery. There we chat, catch up, get to know one other…maybe paint our faces too…all very essential for building a fun-loving community! Then we set off at about 6pm to ride around Edinburgh in a peaceful yet assertive way – riding in a mass with good music and illustrating that we too are traffic and celebrating the beauty of one of humankind’s greatest sustainable inventions.

We pass through the Meadows at 7pm so join us then if 5.30/6pm is too early for you and we’ll then ride some more. Who knows where the road will take us and who knows what will happen – but riding in the mass we can be sure we will are visible, feel safe, and have great fun. Please share details of our ride and/or sign up to the event on facebook. See you there…

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