Get on your bike and ride with us

It’s the middle of July and the last Friday of the month is fast approaching. And that means just one thing for anyone who loves cycling. Critical MassYeaaaaaaaah.

hell yes

In cities up and down the country, and across the world too, cyclists will come together on to ride in solidarity. We aim to make cycling more visibly and illustrate that bikes are an important component of a modern city. Our streets need to be shared.

In Edinburgh we are regularly getting at least 30 cyclists joining together (even in the rain or cold weather, which unfortunately seems to have coincided with the last couple of rides). But we should have more. We could have more. There is energy for it.

Flags and sound-systems were outFor many of the regular riders the dates of the next rides are in the diary well ahead of time but for many others it just depends on whether we can share the information wide enough to draw in the numbers. But this takes energy and timing, and a bit of luck too, but it is worth it when it all comes together. There is nothing like being part of a huge mass of cyclists riding down the Royal Mile or up Princes street. And with a sound-system or two in tow there is no better place to be.

And so the date of the next ride is Friday the 31st July.

Come and join us, you won’t be alone.


We meet on the Mound from 5.30pm

As usual we will meet at 5.30pm on the Mound outside the Scottish National Gallery. There we always have time for chat – a catch up, getting to know one other…sometimes we paint our faces too…all very essential for building a fun-loving community! Then we set off a little after 6pm to ride around Edinburgh in a peaceful yet assertive way.

Meadows meet

And pass through the Meadows for 7pm

We pass through the Meadows at 7pm so join us then if 5.30/6pm is too early for you and we’ll then ride some more. Who knows where the road will take us and who knows what will happen – but riding in the mass we can be sure we will are visible, feel safe, and have great fun. Please share details of our ride and/or sign up to the event on facebook. See you there…

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