Critical Mass Edinburgh Overhaul – NEW TIME, NEW PLACE

Critical Mass in Edinburgh has been going for many years now and in that time we’ve waxed and waned – hardened and softened – yet still bringing joy to those that have ridden with it. We’re still here and we sense a period of waxing is upon us…it’s 2016 and still our cities are dominated by cars. Cyclists – let’s get out on the streets at the same time.

A few of us got together the other week and decided to change things a little. From now on Critical Mass Edinburgh is meeting at 6.30pm at Mid-Meadows Walk to leave at 7pm. Mid-Meadows Walk has an amazing amount of cycling energy and it’s a perfect place for any bike journey to begin and the later time allows people more time after work to come and join us.

More about the mass can be found on our FAQ – we’re a friendly group of cyclists and everyone is always going to be welcome. See you then!

Meadows meet

Here’s where we will be from 6.30pm last Friday of the month

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