February’s Mass may have been cold but we were on fire

What a fun mass last Friday. This month we trialed a new time and new place to start our monthly ride. And it seemed to work. At 6.30pm, at one of Edinburgh’s busiest cycling junctions (Mid-Meadow Walk), there was already a decent number of cyclists gathering and chatting with one another and with a sound-system arriving not long after there was a nice energy bubbling away.


We hoped that a later meeting time would not only mean people wouldn’t have to rush to make the ride but also so that our ride didn’t start in the thick of the peak time traffic. We want our ride to be as peaceful as possible and to attract a decent size mass so that we can ride safely with one another. Sometimes change is necessary and sometimes once it’s changed you ask yourself why didn’t we change this before. It felt a bit like that as the ride in February (yes cold February) had about 25-30 cyclists and with a fun-loving energy connections were created and cemented between us all. It felt good and this was transmitted to the streets around us with loads of fun and positive responses from those around us – whether the onlookers were pedestrians or those in cars we could see they all wished they had bikes :).

We rode for about 8 miles (GPS route here) mostly around the centre of Edinburgh, although going across Dean Bridge was a rare highlight, and ended up with a bit of food and drink at The Forest Cafe. It wasn’t about the speed it was all about the community and we think that is building. Catch us on the next ride on March 25th.


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