Let’s Mass – and other fun bike stuff

This months ride 29th April

Yes it’s the middle of the month and the Mass is in sight – 29th April. It’ll be our first fully light ride of the year so definitely one to catch. We’ll be meeting from 6.30pm in the Mid-Meadows Walk to leave at 7pm. It’s the usual drill – a fun, friendly ride where everyone is welcome, and the more the merrier/messier/massier.

Meadows meet

We’ll meet here at Mid-Meadow Walk at 6.30pm for chats and giggles and then we leave around 7pm for a fun cycle around the streets of our city

But before then…

A lot will be said for cycling this month with the annual Pedal on Parliament. PoP is taking place on the 23rd April this year. Critical Mass will be there with a sound-system or two and hopefully we’ll be convincing a few cyclists that we need to get out on the streets en masse more than just once a year. Hopefully we’ll get a few to join us the following week for our own ride (for once PoP is the week before our ride rather than just after it). We’re going to meet at 11.30am at the Pavillion cafe so we can join the ride together. Facebook details here


Their is always a strong Critical Mass presence at PoP – we wouldn’t mind a little reciprocation (imagine a 1000+ strong force taking control of Edinburgh’s streets every month – I went to London Mass last month and if it can be done there then why not here…)

And after…

Right after the Critical Mass ride we’re probably going to hang out somewhere social together – have a drink, talk, and stuff like that…we’re in the process of arranging a film to watch at ACE. More details will follow on that. We’re a fun community so it’s not uncommon for us to meet up in the middle of the month for a few drinks…watch out May…

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